Sophie’s Experience

Sophie Pelland from Canada volunteered with us in 2014 to disseminate knowledge on solar cell technology to local people. She held classes in six highschools, presented in a seminar in front of the Real Estate Association of Indonesia (REI), and several local communities.  Here is her testimonial:

Volunteering with LPTM was definitely one of the highlights of my sabbatical! After working for eight years as a photovoltaics researcher, I was eager to share my knowledge in a place where solar energy could make a real difference. This is certainly the case in Indonesia, where about 20% of the population does not have access to electricity. Giving presentations to high school students and realtors allowed me to reach out and spark the interest of local people. It was also refreshing to interact with Indonesians as something other than a tourist passing through. In the same vein, living with Baharuddin and Baharuddin Abidin’s family: eating home-cooked meals, attending family reunions, weddings, housewarming parties, watching the election campaign on TV and experiencing and enlightened version of Islam that never makes the headlines… In short: volunteering with LPTM was an amazing experience, and I strongly recommend it!

Sophie Pelland.

Her presentation can be found here.

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