Sander’s Experience

eco_tour_indonesia_makassar_city_monumen_mandala_sudirmanThis year (2010) I was travelling together with my girlfriend Nicolette in South-East Asia, and after 8 months travelling I would like to do something back to the people of Asia and help them. At that time I was searching on the internet to find an interesting volunteering work project in Indonesia.

In the Netherlands I’m working as a Technical Engineer, so I have a lot of technical knowledge and I’m very interested in Renewable Energy. With these topics, I found these sites: and This project “Solar Energy Knowledge transfer”, sounds very interesting and I thought I could help the people of Sulawesi to learn them why to use Renewable Energy and especially about Solar Energy. That was my start to work with this project.

With LPTM I did some research how to start with this project. Together with LPTM I’ve made a training project suitable for different people who are interested in Solar Energy. I’ve used a lot of my knowledge about Solar Energy and Renewable Energy to make this project. LPTM was very interested in Solar Energy and how we use Solar Energy in the Netherlands. I’ve taught the colleagues of LPTM more about Solar Energy.

After a while I was finished with this trainings project and it was ready to use it. LPTM has a lot of connections, so there are many people in Sulawesi interested in the projects of LPTM. So I could give a lot of training and presentation days, including: locals of Makassar, a presentation at the government of Makassar, to journalists of Sulawesi, and I’ve given a seminar to Bachelor University students of Makassar. The knowledge about Solar Energy in Sulawesi is very low, but Sulawesi has got a great opportunity to use Solar Energy, because there is sunlight every day, the whole year long a lot of sunshine. Sulawesi needs new clean energy sources and Solar Energy could be one of these. It was very interesting to learn them more about Solar Energy.

In Makassar (Sulawesi) I arrived alone, but I’ve never felt alone! The colleagues of LPTM (and their friends) showed me a lot of their cultural experience. During my stay (May/June 2011) I learned a lot of their culture and they showed me a lot of beautiful places in Makassar, and also in different areas in South-Sulawesi. For instance a local wedding, the famous Toraja culture, and remote local villages. I never forget my stay between (only) locals in Makassar during this volunteering work project, I hope I could go back once! It’s so different than travelling around in Asia!

LPTM is a small, but a very helpful organization, that is very social and fanatic to make a better world for many people in Sulawesi.

I hope many volunteers are helping LPTM to continue the volunteering work project “Solar Energy Knowledge Transfer”, and so help Indonesia for a clean and Renewable Enegy futher. Many people can help LPTM to continue with this project, you really don’t need to be a Solar Energy expert…

If I go for a sabbatical once a year in the future, I would like to go back to LPTM again!

Thanks, for this great experience!

Sander Kremer (the Netherlands)

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