Nature Care Education

Along the way we came to the idea of making the project as a site for field education. Our perspective is the project will become a place for many to gain field experience in nature conservation.

Since the location is typical for a poor fertilised and dry soil land, every effort to improve the land can became a pilot for other areas in the country. We aim to attract scientists to do related research in nature conservation at our project location. The research we offer can cover every aspect of nature conservation, socia issues, culture, and technologies. We are open for research in reforestation, rainwater harvesting, ground water recharge, rural community development etc.

Social and economic aspects will become a reference for other farmers communities. The project is community-based and involving the farmers is a significant area of study. How to enable the farmers to gain income right from the beginning is also utmost important in bringing in benefits for farmers.

Schools can bring their students for outdoor classes with a variety of programs like tree planting, wandering and or camping, with teachers supervision. University students can do field work or internship either for study requirement or personal experience. Public administration official may benefit from field observation. Community group as well can utilise the project as learning resources.


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