Mechanical Engineering and Operation Trainer

Your activities

You will be sharing your knowledge about mechanical engineering, heavy equipment operation and mechanics, car and motorcycle repair, welding, or land surveying to high school graduates, who are not able to pursue a higher education, to prepare them for the job market in those fields. The workshop is small and modest, however, the experience is worthwhile.


You should be at least 18 years old, in a good health, ready and enjoy a different way of life, enjoy communicating with people, enjoy mechanical works, and speak English. You are required to cover your travel expenses and insurance cost prior to your arrival.

Price and coverage

The price will cover picking up at the airport, room/accommodation, meals twice a day at home if accommodated by host family (volunteers have to spend about USD 4 a day for meals if accommodated in a guest house), maximum three days city orientation, and consultation whenever necessary during the whole stay. Contact us for a quote.

Registration Procedure

Please send your application stating when you would like to start and for how long, your cv/resume, copy of passport if you already have, and a passport photograph. Please send the scanned copies first to our E-Mail address and then the printed version to our postal address.

Living Arrangements

You will live either in a host family, homestay, or a guest house, based on your preference, depending on the availability of each. Your payments include breakfast, and upon request, dinner, if you stay with a host family.

Leisure Activities

In the weekends you can visit touristic sites around Makassar. We offer Ecotours to either around Makassar, to Kahyangan excursion island, Malino tropical forest, Bantimurung waterfall, Bira white sand beach, or Toraja cultural village with ancient catacomb and festivities.  A selection of these Ecotours is free for volunteers depending on the length of your stay. During one week vacation given each month, you can explore other beautiful places in Indonesia such as Bali, Toraja, and Lombok.  If applicable you will also be invited to traditional wedding ceremonies or family/neighborhood gatherings, as a means to experience Indonesia’s beautiful and fascinating culture.

Atmosphere of the class

The participants of the class would be 18 to 30 years of age. They may or may not have sufficient background knowledge. We have workshops for each class including modest facilities for welding, land surveying, and mini excavator for heavy equipment operation.


The less advantaged high school graduates, who are not able to pursue higher education due to a number of reasons, need to enter the competitive job market with applicable skills. Our institute aims to empower these young people with skills for vacancies of high demands such as heavy equipment operator and mechanic, car and motorcycle mechanic, welder, and land surveyor. Our programs also proved to be advantageous for university graduates who are not able to find a job in their field of education. In some cases, the job they get from the skills gained at our institute paved a way for them to get another job suitable to their education in the companies where they work.

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