Infrastructure and Economy


Makassar Old Harbour. Photo credit: Arian Zwegers via Visual hunt / CC BY

Makassar is a metropolitan city and the largest in East Indonesia. Transportation infrastructure is well developed, there are many main roads, highways, and a flying bridge (see Transportation for further information). The energy resource of the city is hydroelectric power, however, electricity outages happen from time to time. Water supply is run by the government, but tap water must be cooked first prior to drinking and is not potable by itself. Communication is supported by a variety of mobile service provider and landlines. Internet is accessible via WIFI and LAN. Free and affordable commercial WIFI are available in limited public places. Makassar is a port city with an international airport and international harbour. The industrial area (Kima) is located north of the city. There are five grand malls for trading and entertainment in which international supermarket chains such as Carrefour, Hypermart, and Hero are located. Cultural infrastructures include the colonial dutch Fort Rotterdam, China Town, Losari Beach, Mandala Monument, and Museum of Makassar City.



One of the prominent hotels in Makassar. Photo credit: zhaffsky via VisualHunt / CC BY-SA

Makassar is a port city, with regular international and domestic shipping connections. The city is the gate to East Indonesia, and flights to East Indonesia make their transit in Makassar. The economic growth of Makassar was 7.4% for 2016, where the service sector performed the highest growth (70%), comprising restaurant and hotel services (29.14%), transportation and communication (14.8%), trading (11.81%), and finance (10.58%). The industry sector contributed to the second largest growth (21.34%). As indicated, the city’s economy depends largely on service sectors, with restaurant and hotel services as the largest contributors, reflecting Makassar city as a culinary tourism destination and as a transit point to other touristic places nearby such as the Samalona Island, Bira White Sand Beach, Toraja Land, etc.  Prices of goods are cheap in comparison to western cities.

Konro Bakar, famous culinary of Makassar. Photo credit: basibanget via Visual hunt / CC BY
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