LPTM evolved from small English conversation classes held in a garage under the name of English Conversation Center (ECC) to give university graduates seeking for job opportunity to improve their conversational skills in English as well as in German. When later LPTM became an institute of its own conducting vocational classes in engineering fields, ECC became a part of LPTM and continued its mission to equip university graduates with foreign language skills such as English, German, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, and Dutch.

Since 1987, LPTM has been conducting basic education for poor urban children in the slump area of the Baraya sub-district in Makassar. Poor urban children in that area could not go to school due to financial limitation and had even to help their parents in getting some income at their young age. LPTM provides them with basic knowledge such as reading and counting, sanitation and hyginie, and general knowledge. It is not unusual to have their parents, who also did not have access to education, participate in the class. Their situation changed recently by the governmental policy to give subsidies to poor urban children so that these children can attend normal school nowadays.

As part of its social engagement, LPTM is conducting several nature conservation projects in several areas in South Sulawesi Province. A reforestation project has been conducted in cooperation with Rotary Club in Laikang Village of the Takalar Regency where there are thousands of hectares unproductive lands due to deforestation. In the reforestation project, Bitti trees are planted on those lands so that in the future, local people can use the tree branches as fuel and benefit environmentally by water retention in the soil. The bitti tree is an indigenous plant to South Sulawesi and a material for the wooden boat Phinisi.

Beside the reforestation project, LPTM is also probing the possibility of restoration of Tempe Lake in Wajo Regency, and rainwater harvesting in both Laikang and Tempe Lake.

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