Students, both as individuals and in groups, can combine their academic activities with our programs in the form of internship, volunteering, field work, gap year, thesis, and dissertation.


Students may do an internship at our project to fulfil their study requirement. We can arrange programs according to their assignments, and at the same time, we can also arrange cooperation with local university faculties for counterpart supervision.


Gaining experience in the field abroad may enrich the integrity of young people and benefit their future career. The project is open for individuals as well as groups who like to spend time in helping other people and gaining experience.

Field Trip

Students or their institution can arrange to do field work with us in our reforestation project or other projects as part of school curricula to complete their course requirements.

Gap Year

Students who intend to have a fulfilling gap year, experience a different culture, and contribute to nature conservation, or apply their skills to help others, can join us in our volunteering and internship activities.

Thesis or Dissertation

Thesis and dissertation research can also be done within the scope of our nature conservation project and other social activities. We can discuss a proposed project with you before your arrival which you can arrange with your institution. A further cooperation with local institutions can also be established if necessary. We had international students working with us to assess the feasibility of Tempe Lake restoration for her thesis before.

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