Volunteering and Internship

Opportunities to do volunteering and internship activities are open to gain experience in a variety of fields. Our main project is the Reforestation Project, but activities in other fields are also available and can be integrated with the Nature-Care platform of our Educational Tourism program. Our NatureCare volunteering options include volunteering in Reforestation, Plant Nurseries, and Solar Energy Trainer. We also offer volunteering activities in other fields such as Foreign Language Trainer, Excavator Operation Learning and Trainer, Mechanical Engineering and Operation Trainer, Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and Industries Involvement, and Web and IT Developer.

People from various walks of lives, domestic and international, have participated in our volunteering and internship activities, including students, professionals, and retirees. Students, both as individuals and in groups, can combine their academic activities with our programs in the form of an internship, volunteering, field work, gap year, thesis, and dissertation. While professionals and retirees can join us for sabbatical leave, professional volunteering, and senior volunteering.

The Educational Tourism program is mainly in Nature Conservation, such as Reforestation and Plant Nurseries, as can be read here, but can also be done in various other fields, for example:

  • Trainer in relevant courses at LPTM depending on the background of the volunteer, such as heavy equipment training operation (particularly excavator operator trainers), heavy equipment mechanics, electrode welding, land surveying, car and motorcycle mechanics, solar electricity installation, and solar energy knowledge transfer.
  • Support in administration, registration, promotion and maintenance of equipment.
  • Improvement of LPTM website or partner companies.
  • Foreign Language teaching, such as English, German, Arabic, Spanish, English, etc.
  • Helping in Community Health Center and Community Health Advocacy.
  • Teaching in PreSchools/Kindergartens, Primary Schools, and Secondary Schools.
  • Internship in domestic industries, companies, and small businesses.


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