Core Projects

The NatureCare initiative consists of 6 core projects, which are Reforestation, Artificial Groundwater Recharge, Rainwater Harvesting, Renewable Energy, Soil Science, and Boat Forest. The pilot project takes place at the Pandala village, Laikang district, Takalar regency, of the South Sulawesi province of Indonesia.These projects are conducted with 4 approaches, which are Volunteering and Internship, Research Collaboration, Installation, and Community Development.


Reforestation is performed by planting indigenous Bitti trees on a dry and barren land. Several possible long-term benefits include environmental improvement, income source for local people, water retention in the soil, etc. This project involves volunteers, interns, and local villagers, and still requires more research to improve. Seedlings have been grown in nurseries and seedling supply is also supported by donators and corporate social responsibility (CSR) funds.

Artificial Groundwater Recharge

We are probing the possibility of establishing an artificial groundwater recharge in the area. Soil structure and limited access to municipal water cause water scarcity in the area. An artificial groundwater recharge installation may help increase the content of the aquifer, provide water for the community, and increase soil moisture for a better habitat for the trees.

Rainwater Harvesting

We are also probing the possibility of establishing rainwater harvesting installations. Indonesia is a tropical country with high annual rainfall. Local people may benefit from this via rainwater harvesting technology to reduce their dependency on municipal water supply. However, extensive research is still needed to make this possible.

Renewable Energy

Sunshine is abundant in tropical Indonesia, and thus, local people may benefit from solar cells and by this reduce CO2 emission. We have implemented several solar cell installation and have disseminated solar cell knowledge to local people. We have also been accepting volunteers and interns in our work, however, it is still in need of lots of improvements.

Soil Science

Soil Science is directly related to the reforestation and artificial groundwater recharge projects. We are looking forward to research collaborations to expand our knowledge in this area.

Boat Forest

The indigenous Bitti tree is the main component of the traditional boat Pinisi. Our long-term goal is to direct the growth of Bitti tree branches so that they can be harvested as boat components. This may improve the income resource of local people and provide timber supply for Pinisi boat building. However, more research is needed to achieve this aim.

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