Boat Forest Project

Bitti wood is renowned as a main material in the building of the traditional wooden boat Pinisi (phyneesie). We have taken Bitti tree as the main stand we are going to plant in the project. Since 2007 we have distributed Bitti seedlings to farmers.

It is intended to develop the reforestation to supply boat building. Wooden boat needs several constructions like framing. Ship or boat frame are curving shape to form the ship or boat hull or body. The frames can be bent in the workshop by technologies available. Normally with a compound construction.

In traditional wooden boat Phinisi frames are normally made of curved wood from original trees. Observation before cutting the tree is important to decide which parts of trees become what parts of the boat. One tree has to be full as much as possible to be utilised as boat construction parts.

The idea of the BOAT FOREST is to develop a planting and harvesting system which allows the growth of the trees to provide materials most suitable for boat construction parts including mainly the frames.

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