New Theme and Sections

We have applied a new theme that hopefully will look more aesthetic and user-friendly for our web visitors.

In addition, as you might have noticed, we have added many new sections, which include:

Description of our Core Projects. Just browse through our “Core Projects” menu. The subsections are still in progress.

Our Volunteering and Internship Opportunities, both in NatureCare (such as Reforestation, Plant Nursery, and Solar Energy Trainer) and in Other Volunteering activities (such as Foreign Language Trainer, Excavator Operator and Trainer, SME and Industri Involvement and many others). Just browse through our “Volunteering and Internship” menu for more information.

Information on Living in Makassar. This includes information on Infrastructure, Economy, Transportation, and Climate in Makassar. And also about accommodation arrangement and leisure options. We offer ecotour to various touristic destination places such as a white sand beach, a waterfall, a tropical rainforest, a mystical hill etc. Just browse through our “Living in Makassar” menu for more information.

In the Footer area, we have added a map of our web visitors and a subscription option for you to follow our Latest News. Do not forget to subscribe 🙂

Currently, we are focusing on writing up the research outline for the Research Collaboration section, so stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day! 🙂

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