Our Core Projects


Reforestation of a barren land with Bitti tree as the main stand, and a plant nursery to provide seedlings for the reforestation project. Beside environmental benefits, socio-economic impact are aimed as well.

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Artificial Groundwater Recharge

We are probing methods to recharge soil aquifers with artificial groundwater recharge technology. This will reduce erosion and increase water supply in the reforestation area.

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Rainwater Harvesting

Utilisation of high annual rainfall on the area of a dry and barren land via rainwater harvesting technology may increase clean water supply and reduce dependency on municipal water.

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Renewable Energy

Constant sunshine all year round permits solar cell technology as alternative electricity source in Indonesia. We have conducted solar cell presentations and installation in South Sulawesi.

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Soil Science

To provide a suitable habitat for the trees in the reforestation project, as well as to assess soil quality for artificial groundwater recharge technology, soil science becomes an essential part of the nature conservation project.

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Boat Forest

Bitti wood is renowned as a main material of the traditional wooden boat Pinisi. The idea is to develop a planting and harvesting system which allows the growth of the trees to provide material for boat construction parts.

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Volunteering and Internship

We have a selection of volunteering and internship options that you can choose from. Click on the images below for more information.

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What are we up to?


We are initiating the restoration of Tempe Lake in the Regency of Wajo, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

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New information are already available in this web. We will continue up load information about the project.

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Dear Visitors, we apologies that this website is still under construction. You may visit our other web www.eduecotour.wordpress.com. Actually we planned to complete the construction of this block before the opening of the IFAT Expo but we failed. At our other website you still can find some information in English. If you would use google […]

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